Your Signature Speech


Why do you need a signature speech?

Public speaking is how you become a Globally known, superbly positioned, in-demand, visible leader and personal brand.

But, since your brand is already credible, you can’t show up to the big leagues and wing it at the mic. Your speech can’t be, “ok for a beginner,” your speech needs to be extraordinary.

But if you’re just starting out, you might be really confused as to WHAT to say on stage. .

Sometimes coaches go on stage armed only with their live-stream ideas. But, live audiences are different your live-stream audience. If all you have is a few notes, you might end up with a big fat fail.

It’s super discouraging to step out of your comfort zone and feel like you bombed your speaking engagement.

I wanted to keep my coaches from crashing and burning by showing them exactly how to craft a signature speech. Every person I’ve trained using the signature speech method has been successful.

What is a signature speech?

It’s a speech you can give anytime, anywhere. It completely encompasses your message and your values. Your signature speech communicates your big vision to the universe!

To craft your message we’ll;

  1. Look at your vision for your ideas and business, where you see yourself in the future, and how your big message fits in.

  2. Align vision with your values so your message is authentically you.

  3. Decide on the type of speech you’d like to give, then write and refine until it encapsulates your vision and values.