You're a rebellious entrepreneur.

You left your 9-5 for a reason.

You never wanted the status-quo, it never felt aligned to you.

You’ve always felt different, and following a 9-5 path wasn’t for you. Instead, you chose rebellious, entrepreneurial freedom. To live on your terms. Fearless and successful; going all in to chase the life of your dreams.

Lately, you’re wondering where your next big level is and thinking about how to get there. Your business vehicle is going places, but you want so much more.

You want abundance in every area of your business and life. Booked out calendars. Effortless client attraction. Giving back through your passions, business, relationships and income.

You want the Dream; a multiple 6-Figure business.

You see the next level and you want it now. You aren’t content with staying in place.

Business accelerator coaching.

But you need a guide who knows how to help you.

I’m LeighAnn.

I’ll help you go faster. My husband calls me "Danica." If there's a faster way, I take it.

Together, we'll accelerate your business by getting you credible and visible, plus we’ll find the clients who are looking for you!

You need someone who has built their business fast, marketing their brand to international visibility. Creating buzz in every corner of the globe. Let’s create your big breakout year together.

  • We get to the bottom of 'why,' by examining your market. We'll set up your brain to succeed and raise your prices.

  • We'll stop fooling around in other people's Facebook groups and start incorporating marketing that works.

  • We'll combine research and pure-coaching. And together, we will find a plan to achieve your client and sales goals.

  • You’ll change your brain to thinking like a millionaire, and your new mindset will shape your next level.

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I help my clients accelerate their business.

They go from frustrated to a fully- aligned, millionaire mindset. They raise their rates and are booked out yearly. They don’t worry about clients; their wait-list stretches for months.


I know what it is to feel the grind. Straight out of grad school, some 20 odd years ago, I worked 60 hours a week directing huge variety shows. After I quit that job, I started my own business; marketing, promotion, and copywriting for online businesses.

I faked it with NO business expertise but it grew at SLOTH pace. SLOOWWWLY.

I formed a folk indie rock band and used my expertise to market us. We were one of the first indie bands on Itunes. No one marketed their music digitally. We were on the ground floor in the digital music world.

By the time I started the second business, my polished branding was ready to go! With the right mindset and systems in place; business exploded. Just a few months after we started, I picked up a promoter, producer, licensing agency, publisher and producer.

We toured and recorded an album that charted on Billboard charts. My messaging skills allowed us to get a licensing deal with Bordeaux Wine Council, and I won an international songwriting competition for a marketing campaign.

(I used my business skills to blend our brand with their corporation and product. My song was a no-brainer to use, it marketed both businesses, beautifully.)