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Get ready for your BEST social media posts with the checklist heading to your inbox. But there’s more!

I’m LeighAnn, a visibility coach who amplifies brands through messaging, media, and public speaking. I’ve directed large scale stage shows, was the CEO of my own entertainment company, spent 20+ years as a pro musician, and I’ve taken the stage over 800 times in my career.

I’ve been featured in all the major networks and have coaching credentials from Yale and UCLA.

I’ll show you how to think BOLDER and BIGGER with your brand with the


This class will take you through exactly what and when to post to attract your ideal clients and make more money. Despite what the experts say, you don’t need ads to attract clients! You can attract your ideal soul clients with your content.

But you’re pulling your hair out, watching the cursor blink blink.

Imagine instead:

Content flowing out of you, knowing exactly what content to write so your clients find you!

Knowing topics resonate 100% with your ideal client.

Being able to predict how many posts will bring in leads, and how many clients you can bring in a month, simply by posting consistently.

I can’t keep up with the engagement! I did the post in 3 groups and OMG the comments keep coming! I’ve booked 6 calls already!
— Lisa Farrington, Pinterest Expert
What an amazing experience! LeighAnn helped me so much in one call that my head is just spinning with excitement and possibilities! She is laser focused and can help you drill down to the right answers. Just spot on.
— Carolyn Stidham, Life Coach