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Next steps to the stage

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What if you could have a Globally known, in demand, superbly positioned, Personal Brand and Business?


What if you could gain credibility and move to the highest level in your business?

Does this sound like you?

  • You have a bigger view and mission than just yourself.

  • You want to leave a legacy.

  • You’ve been told your dreams are too big.

  • You want more influence, more income, more changing the world.

  • You know you are meant for greatness.

Your dreams aren’t just for you, those dreams are also for generations to come.

What if you could gain credibility and move to the highest level in your business?

You’re unique and knew you were different from an early age.

You have a succesful business with clients that love you.

You want to matter, for your work to have a grand destiny.

A few clients and great income are enough for some coaches, it’s not enough for you.

You want the Ted Talk, the published book, the massive-stadium keynote address. More influence, more income, more changing the world.

Deep down you know;

Public speaking is how you become a Globally known, superbly positioned, in-demand, visible leader and personal brand.

You’ve always been shooting for the moon. Now it’s finally time to become the star you’ve always known you were.

To shine brightly and show the world how to shine, too.


Moving out of the saturated, coaching marketplace?

Elite level clients? Incredible reach?

The biggest life you can possibly imagine.

Public speaking can do all of that and more.


It’s Your Time To Shine

And show the world how to shine, too.

My name is LeighAnn Heil and I’m an Onstage Power Business coach with a masters degree in theatre and I show people how to get onstage. Starting my career as a live stage director; I’ve either directed or performed in over 800 shows while showing hundreds of people how to captivate audiences.

I'm also a business coach with a degree in Opera!

I’ve trained under the senior editor of success Magazine and the content creator of The Onion.

I’ve got over 10 coaching certifications including Yale, UCLA, and Northwestern.

Did you know? Most super-succesful public speakers hire 6 coaches to help them.

Tony Robbins has a voice coach, I know because I trained with the same coach! (This voice coach also works with huge names on tours, like Eminem,)

But that’s not the only type of coach you’ll need, here’s the list of 6…

An acting coach for stage presence and communicate your message emotionally.

A vocal coach to smooth your voice, relax the tension in your throat, and let you speak for long periods without getting hoarse.

A copywriter to capture the right language.

A mindset coach for moving past fears and getting onstage.

A business coach to help you leverage your new public speaking skill to get clients and move your business to the next level.

A storytelling coach to mine your story and connect it to your audience experience.

You can hire

people to help you.

But you’ll spend tons of time, money, and effort in getting onstage.

Or you can hire one coach to meet all those needs.

My degree in Opera means I can help you smooth your tone and help your breath control.

My masters’ degree in theatre lets you use acting techniques to create the character you’ll need for public speaking. (Actors and public speakers use the same techniques; whether you’re Oprah speaking live or Patrick Stewart playing King Lear)

You’ll be immediately seen as a guru and a leader with ultimate credibility.

My years of experience directing shows and mindset/business, coaching certifications means you’ll use tactical plans helping conquer your fears so you LOVE speaking in person.

You’ll rise above the mediocrity, and elevate your brand.

My years of copywriting, storytelling and songwriting help you revise, condense, and refine your message.

We’ll write it so well;

You’ll immediately be seen as a significant, a visionary with an important, life-changing story.


One coach, three months.

Invest a little time and money and you’re there.


You don’t do half hearted. You are ALL IN. When you decide, nothing stops you from achieving .

Becoming a public speaker is tough and not everyone has the guts to go for it. you’ve decided to go for it, right? But without help, you probably won’t ever get onstage…Not because you can’t, but because you’re unsure. You need a map. A guide.

You need someone to get you out of your head and help you control your fears.

Those dreams everyone has told you are, “too big,” are actually completely within your reach. The steps to the stage are the way up.

The women I work with are ambitious, fiercely determined. They don’t just want a better business, they want to be KNOWN! They want the world to embrace their dreams.

But getting on the public stage is a challenge, and one you likely won’t be able to handle on your own.

You can have the best mindset in the world. The best business plan. The best branding.

It takes YEARS to figure this out alone. You’ve tried that, in every area of your business, and you know going it alone doesn’t work.

The stage is calling you, and on it you’ll find everything you’re dreaming about.

If that sounds like something you want, but deep down you are terrified or don’t know where to start…

It’s time to schedule a call. The steps to the stage .



Write and refine your message.

Speak about topics you love.

Understand the power of stories.

Speak your genius into the world

Develop your signature speech.



Learn how to speak and breath correctly.

Develop intonation and patterns to captivate audiences.

Learn what to do when you lose your place.

Discover how to fix your fears and calm your brain.

Use acting techniques to develop your personal style.



Charge top dollar for speaking engagements.

Increase your reach without ads.

Attract the attention of big media.

Attract publishers and finally write that book.

Attract clients with ease and increase your income.