Let’s call out the pink gorilla in the room, the entrepreneur space is crowded.

Mosh-pit, Ariana Grande concert crowded.

And maybe, like me, you’ve bought programs, websites, and courses. And maybe, like me, you didn’t get results.

But, your ideal clients bought those same programs and ended up basically losing thousands of dollars on pie in the sky promises that didn’t pan out,

Now your clients are JADED; and they want proof.

The old marketing promises won’t work.

How DO you STAND OUT in a saturated and savvy marketplace?


Nothing screams “expert,” to an audience faster, than seeing you consistently doing live-streams chock full of value, writing published articles, or guesting on podcasts.

You stand out in the ocean of beige coaches;

A red umbrella in a sea of black!

Your audience has choices. They are saturated with messages of coaches just like you, all vying for attention in your marketplace.

And everyone is doing the same thing; posting and posting on social media, hoping someone will notice them!

Hope isn’t a strategy.

I was like you, trying to reinvent myself. I started a new band and a promotional company. We had no audience. Let’s just say we were INVISIBLE.

I wanted our music heard and find our following.

But grinding out gig after gig with no one in the audience was DEMORALIZING.

(Sound familiar? Livestream crickets, anyone?)

Then we pitched for a corporation marketing campaign.

The winning song/pitch would receive a marketing contract from a major corporation. I wanted that contract because of what it could do for our brand.

To my utter surprise, we won.

Now we had authority, we had credibility. The contract set us apart from the many new bands that year.

Shortly after, a promoter and licensing agency contracted with us, and we were able to reach number 39 on Billboard top 100 Americana Charts. And we didn’t play empty rooms any more.

Media, video, and live-events VALIDATE YOUR BRAND

The media outlet and the conference break down the trust barrier, endorsing you as the expert authority in your niche and creating a warm client list.

Video on social media is literally the easiest way to create a credible brand!


You don’t have to have a giant audience, because the outlets and conferences have pre-built audiences.

All you need to do is offer value and you can share their audience.

Your own audience grows when you offer valuable live-streams every day. This sends a message to your followers; you’re the right coach at the right time.

Each podcast, stage event, and article you publish increase your credibility.

Imagine achieving expert status. Or finally 10X YOUR INCOME AND BOOKING OUT YOUR BUSINESS.

As your audience grows X1000, your bookings grow, too.

Ready to take the leap into media? Ready to get seen for the expert you are on social media. Ready to take the stage?

Let’s get started.