Do you wonder how fellow entrepreneurs sell out their programs from ONE post? Or even get 5 Calls booked without barely lifting a finger?

You see your favorite coach writing new content, seemingly like MAGIC (Accio, content!)

But you’re stuck, staring at your cursor blink blinking at you.

You’ve tried posting quotes, maybe that’s the right post? Quotes always get likes and shares. Or a post with your dog, everyone loves dogs!

The reality is you’re desperate!

You’re frustrated because you’re posting all the time on social media with zero results, but other coaches in your same niche are booking clients right and left from their posts. What do they have that you don’t?

If only someone would reveal the mysterious secret; on how DO you post on social media so your ideal BUY or BOOK your services?


Knew exactly what to post in order to book clients consistently?

How to create posts saving time and energy, while still attracting your ideal clients?

And discovered how to structure your posts so those posts convert into ACTUAL INCOME for your business?


I’m LeighAnn,

As a former copywriter and storytelling expert, I’ve worked with the Senior editor of Success Magazine and Content creator for The Onion.

Now I’m revealing the secret training I teach my high-end VIP coaching clients in a one hour class,


In this one-hour masterclass, you will learn:

  • How to create content topics for a year and fast forward your business.

  • How to spend less time creating content and more time booking clients.

  • How to develop content with a strategy so your audience takes action.

  • How to plan out 90 days of content on social media driving your audience to buy your services automatically. 

This is GOLD. Creating your own content and services really is the key, not just to make more money, but also booking more clients. This actually helps you create clients instead of just creating posts.
— M.J. Camp, Entrepreneur and Coach

Not only do you get the exact process to create clients you also get….

  • 1 hour of no-fluff, information 

  • Fillable E workbook. 

  • Lifetime access to the course. 

So you can stop spending all your time creating content and instead start attracting clients from your posts, and solve your content problems once and for all.

This is normally only for my VIP clients. But, I see entrepreneurs struggling with how to post and what to post on social media to STAND OUT. 

I’ve opened this class so it’s available to everyone. 

The normal price for the course is $97.00

But today, you can get the class for much less. 

Only $67 for the next 24 hours. After 24 hours the price goes back to the normal rate.

I used these techniques and went from NO clients to booking clients over messenger without sales calls, I went from broke barely making ends meet, now scaling to 7k months.
— Kerry Stenton, Life and Purpose Coach
Crush Your Content Masterclass


Is this right for me?

If you post on social media and have a business, this will help you attract and book more customers

Will this work for me?

This formula works if you use it consistently. Obviously if you never write the posts or post them, you won’t get results.

Do I get access to you?

I’m in my private Facebook group daily and you’re welcome to join and access more free trainings and ask questions.

Can’t I just Google this?

Actually, no. This method isn’t just “batch content,” this method is a distinct strategy, which is why it’s genius at getting your ideal client’s attention.


  • Short on time but need strategic content.

  • Struggling with booking more clients organically.

  • Wanting triple your income without using ads.

This class isn’t for you if..

  • You’re Ok with your current income.

  • You don’t want more clients.

  • You don’t want to post on social media at all.