Why You Should Hire A Coach

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Do You Have A Business, or Just An Expensive Hobby?

In the USA, it's pretty easy to to tell if your business is a hobby or an actual business. The business should show a taxable profit, two out of every five years. So this is where I ask you, are you running a hobby or running a business? Businesses have regular hours. They make profit. Businesses pay you back.

Are you pretending to be a business owner?

Online business owners – and even coaches – can easily “open their doors for business” without a firm business plan in place. Some may test the waters to see if they attract any clients and some start out doing this online work as a side gig while working their full time job.

A hobby traditionally is an activity that brings you pleasure that you do in your spare time. A business, on the other hand, provides a service or products to clients, has regular business hours, and strives to make a profit.

Here are some questions to ask yourself to determine if you are working a business or a hobby:

  • Do you have firm business hours or are you working sporadic hours? 

  • Do you make the most of your business hours or work time, working as efficiently as possible, or do you get distracted with social media or other behind-the-scenes tasks?

  • Do you have a business plan, even for one year, which includes expected profits?

  • Do you make opportunities happen or do you wait for them to come to you?

  • Do you withdraw every penny from your account after clients pay? 

  • Do you reinvest some of your profits into software, training, or other business expenses?

You should have an idea now about if your business is truly a business.

Hire a Business Coach to Help You Set Goals.

Not everyone needs a business degree to start a business; sometimes a unique product idea or a strong desire to offer services is enough to get started. However, hiring a business coach is necessary to set up your company to grow and generate profits. While a business coach is good at tactics, needing more exact steps is considered more of a consultant role. It's my belief you can get further in your business with a coach who does pure coaching, helps you create your own goals and makes recommendations when you ask.

Pure coaching isn't telling someone how to run their business. Pure coaching helps a person discover which goals they want to pursue, then the coach can help guide the actions to fit the desired outcomes.

The fact is, humans don't like being told what to do. We want to create our own destiny.

You will have greater success when your particular goals come from your wants. We tend to get behind plans we create, and your creation of your own goals in coaching sessions allow you to fully commit, and the goals feel 100% aligned with your values.

A good business coach also serves as your accountability partner.

They are invested in your success. They want to know about your successes and they call you out when you don't follow through with your plans. Oftentimes knowing someone is expecting results is enough to spur action because you don’t want to let down your coach.

Why we don't follow through on resolutions.

Several years back, my husband decided on a New Year's Resolution. Since most people blow their resolution by late January, he wanted to set himself up for success. He remade the resolution each year for five years and faithfully kept his plans. This resolution?

"Eat more Pie."

If you love pie, you'll see why that was easy for him. He has since gone healthy with his food choices, and misses the days of resolving to eat dessert.

Do you ever make a resolutions to lose weight or go to the gym? Do you reach those goals? You know WHAT to do. It's staying motivated to actually DO it.

Intellectually, we all KNOW that eating healthy foods and exercising is the key to losing weight. But it's uncomfortable.

We'd rather eat more pie. We can't be our own accountability partner because we’ll never call ourselves out for eating more pie!

The same is true with growing your business. We all KNOW we should have a business plan and market our businesses consistently. But life gets in the way and our plans never materialize.

We take a breaks from marketing.

We get sick. Or lazy. Or just afraid.

Enter the business coach

A business coach will keep you focused on your goal and the individual tasks at hand. Instead of getting distracted, you will have a plan in place.

Plus, your coach wants an accountability report. If you get distracted, you’ll have to admit that and own up to wasting that time. If you've invested big money in your business coach, you don't want to waste your time and your money!

Writing down tasks in checklists keeps you focused. Whether it’s a paper note or a list on your phone, lists help your productivity

Sometimes Life Throws Curves, A coach makes the path straight.

Of course, life can get in the way of business and you may have to take some time off or shorten your business hours when emergencies happen. A business coach can help you reconfigure your business plans as needed so you’re not losing progress.

Whether that means changing courses altogether or simply hiring an independent contractor to take over some of the tasks, your coach will be your sounding board if your mind is preoccupied with a life problem.

Your business progress can also be halted by technology. For instance, you may KNOW that you need an online shopping cart. Indecision about which software to buy, and uncertainty about how to install it, can halt your next steps.

A business coach has recommendations about software or, at the very least, the name of a technical person who can assist you with the purchase and installation.

Keep in mind that business coaches are available to help you create your goals, and to give advice, not to do the work for you. Listen to your coach’s unique perspective on your business and her advice then take action and follow through with your next steps. Likewise, you shouldn’t be so timid about making decisions that you are afraid to take action without asking your coach.

Developing a coach/client relationship which allows you to feel confident in your own decisions is important to the growth of the business.

5 Coaches You Don't Have (But Should)

It seems the current popular advice for growing your business is, “You need a coach,” and there are tons of "coaches," advertising for clients.

But the term “coach” is extremely broad and general so the key to hiring the right coach is knowing what you’re looking for and what TYPE of coach to hire. If you hired a band for your event, you wouldn't hire a punk rock band for an elegant dinner, or a soft-jazz band when you needed electronic dance music.

Here are the main types of coaches available for hire. Some coaches can coach in several areas depending on what areas they are certified.

Mindset Coaches

Mindset coaches focus on your brain’s mindset, how you think and feel about your business and your life; and turning negative thoughts into positive thoughts. Mindset coaches do not solely focus on business; if you’re unhappy with any aspect of your life, a mindset coach can help you figure out your dreams and help you achieve them. Some mindset coaches are licensed psychotherapists while others are certified coaches.

Confidence Coaches

These coaches empower their clients who struggle with limiting beliefs and shyness. Again, they are not focused solely on business owners; absolutely anyone who wants to combat negative self-talk and increase their own self-esteem can hire a confidence coach. Some confidence coaches are licensed life coaches or have other degrees in addition to their coaching certifications.

Public Speaking Coaches

There’s much more to public speaking than reading PowerPoint slides verbatim. Public speaking coaches are skilled communicators who can analyze the effectiveness of your presentation; give hints about diction and enunciation, as well as give tips for making your presentation more engaging or entertaining. These speaking coaches can also help you combat your stage fright.

Writing Coaches

Writing coaches help you write like yourself and build trust with your audience using stories and emotions. They'll help you create 'sticky' content, with words and thoughs your audience easily connects with and remembers.

Whether you need some critiques on blog posts or want help outlining your book, writing coaches can help.

Branding and Visibility Coaches

Branding is more than your logo and your business colors. Branding coaches will help you develop your company brand/image, and gain the visibility (publicity) building your name recognition.

Branding coaches know how to convey your message, keep your business image positive, and keep your brand image cohesive. 

Some coaches offer more than one service. For instance, My coaching includes a review of your writing, website content and blogs. I have writing coaching certifications from Northwestern University. My skills also include holding a Lifecoach/mindset certification, a solutions coaching certification, Executive Business Coaching certification and a Business Coaching certification.

In addition, my training in theatre and film (Masters' Degree from Texas Tech University)helps you refine your speaking and on camera presence, while working on your confidence with mindsetting. My clients receive my expertise and training on many aspects of their business, so they SAVE money by not having to hire 5 different people.


If you're ready to finally make the leap into coaching, why not talk to someone who offers the value of four types of coaching in one package? Time to take a deep dive with me into your business?

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LeighAnn Heil