What's Holding You Back From Public Speaking?

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Your Mind and the stage…

Why you might be sabotaging your stage debut.

Why Am I So Afraid of Live Events? (or Live-Streams?)

I’d like to play the fiddle. I wanted to learn 15 years back, thought about getting an instrument and an instructor.

Instead, I didn’t get an instrument or an instructor.

I got excuses.

For one thing, I play three instruments already and am good at all three. But I don’t want to start over, because I hate beginner-level anything.

So, instead of learning an instrument, probably fairly easily, I made excuses. Fifteen years later; guess who doesn’t know how to play the fiddle?

(Finger pointing can commence now.)

You guessed it. Moi.

I had to hire a fiddle player for the last album and pay him out the wazoo.

If my mindset thought about the next level me, the one with Billboard Charting music, that “me” in 2004 plays the instrument even if she’s not at an expert level right away.

We ARE experts at avoiding things in our business. We do what is comfortable and that’s it. Uncomfortable things create fear. And we don’t like fear.

But maybe that mindset is holding you back from Live-streams or speaking at live events. Maybe it’s holding you back from getting onstage?

Here are three ways to get on live-streams and finally level-up to public speaking on live stages at summits and conferences.

Make room in your life and business for public speaking.

You’re busy, I’m busy, We are all busy. But you’re not too busy to do the important things. You’re not too busy for client calls, or Instagram posts. You’re not too busy to workout or eat.

If it seems like the excuse is, “I’m too busy,” maybe you should examine why? Dig deep. Are you truly too busy, or are you filling your life up so you don’t have to admit what’s really holding you back from the stage?

Make room in your life. Create space. Say no to a few things and outsource others. Up your prices and take on fewer clients. Create room in your calendar and day to learn public speaking and how to do live-streams.

2. Get Ready For Your Next Level You.

What does the next level you do? She is onstage! She is a fabulous speaker!

I decided I’d get healthy this year, so I hired a coach. I started eating right, getting more rest, and working out differently. My body has more energy. I gave up coffee last year, even though I love love love coffee.

But coffee wasn’t loving me. It gave me headaches and made me feel exhausted.

If something isn’t serving me, I need to give it up. Because next year LeighAnn is healthy. She isn’t tired.

Next year, “me” reads books and invests both time and energy on her mind and body. Next year, “me,” has better relationships and she gives more money to charity and people in need. She enhances her friendship circle and adds to it daily.

Next year you live-streams on Facebook and does Instagram stories, and maybe even IGTV. (gasp!)

She also might have a podcast or a YouTube channel.

She is working on getting onstage.

Are you willing to give up the creature comforts you love to achieve your dreams?

Remember; short term sacrifice, long term gain.

Personally, my long term goes include drinking tea in my beach house, a full calendar of dream clients and speaking events a month. I want group programs that sell out overnight and a best-selling book. I want a 12-month mastermind, a high-end retreat. I want friends and family surrounding me and give back to the world.

So instead of Netflix, I spend a portion of the evening writing blogs and working on my book. Instead of sleeping in, I get up and workout. Instead of carbs and sugar, I eat whole foods to nourish my body.

Instead of being selfish, I reach out and form relationships.

What are you willing to do to reach your dreams? What does the next-level, million dollar business owner in you do every day? Does she go live?

You bet your Dolce and Gabbana boots she does.

If you want to get on stage but you’re filled with excuses, ask yourself, why, deep down, you aren’t making room for the things you love.

Maybe you need a little help in getting there. Maybe someone to show you how to reach higher and go farther, particularly onstage and with live streams? If that’s you and you want to know how to get on-stage in 3, short months, we should talk.

I work with fierce, determined visionary women who want to get onstage and share their message with the world. I can help you get there, in the flow, in three, short months.

I reserve 3 spots per month for calls with incredible women. Claim your spot here and let’s chat about your next level on the stage.

LeighAnn Heil