Coaching Business Makeovers; It's Time For a Change

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Coaching Business Makeovers: It's Time for a Change

Let's face it, times have changed and our culture is casual. I've noticed it, particularly in Austin, ladies who once might have worn smart outfits are running around town in yoga gear. It may work with certain audiences, but if you want to be a six or seven figure coach, you might need to change your style, at least for your online presence.

For instance, I just hopped over to Marie Forleo's site. She's dressed in professional pencil dresses and pumps. Her website is slick and appealing. You definitely see why she is revered as a quality business and lifestyle coach. Even though it seems shallow, I'm much more likely to buy from her or engage her, especially if I'm looking to become revered myself.

Neil Patel, the man who started Kissmetrics and Crazy Egg, is one of the most successful marketing managers in the world. He regularly spends over 100K per year on high-end designer clothing. He closes millions of dollars in business because he has automatic trust built in meetings; his clothes are expensive, they look expensive. His clients see him and judge; this man knows quality so he must be the best. Let's throw money at him and sign a contract.

Granted, I’m not pitching millions of dollars in deals to sports celebrities or big corporations. But if you want to sell high dollar packages with YOU as the product, it’s going to take more than yoga gear.

I can hear a few of you protesting, 'but, LeighAnn, that stuff just doesn't matter. I am comfortable! My clients don’t dress up! As long as I’m authentic and real, folks are drawn to me.'

Yes, you will always have an audience, no matter how you dress. You can gut it out with all the other coaches in the middle ground. The ones with the cell phone images on beaches dressed in a sundress. Those photos are lovely and real. But part of your market, the part that can afford your higher-end prices...they aren't looking for a coach in a sundress.

Ask yourself, do I want to move to a less- saturated, higher-end market? Clients who will pay for the very best of everything and REALIZE QUALITY when they see it?

These are the clients who wear Rolex or Cartier Tank watches, order expensive wine, and sit in first-class. The quality justifies the expense. Clients who will pay for a top-notch, Rolls-Royce- quality Coach.

If you're going to charge high-end prices, you'd better offer quality from the first moment, the first online encounter. Your ideal clients don't shop at Target, where they can pick up a sweater for 19.99. These clients know, those sweaters don't last more than three washings. They'd rather pay top-dollar for a cashmere sweater, because that sweater looks and feels good, improves their image, and is less expensive over time.

Your new marketplace believes in investing, and this is great news for your business!

Now, on to the Nitty Gritty. HOW can you change your online presence to attract these quality-seeking-clients?

Update Your Website

When is the last time you changed the theme on your website? Does your website look funky on mobile? Are your headshots back when you had brown hair and now your hair is blonde? Is your ‘About’ page all about you and not about your client?

Big coaching paychecks require more than a fancy sales page and an email pitch. If you want to attract high-end clients, you have to look and act the part. Make sure your site looks and feels like a quality site.

If the site doesn't look good on mobile, pick a different template and tweak until it looks great on mobile. Over half of web traffic coming in will be scrolling on their phones. Make sure you don't lose them when they visit!

Hire Your Headshots

We all looked better ten years ago, but that’s no excuse for using old, outdated or amateur headshots.

When you’re selling coaching programs that range into the five figures, looking professional is critical, and that starts with great headshots. Hire a photographer who specializes in portraits for speakers and coaches.

Expect to spend several hundred to a thousand dollars or more for a selection of high-resolution images you can use in all your marketing materials, including on your website.

A branded photo shoot usually includes help with styling, makeup and hair. Branded photo shoots are done by photographers who specialize in making sure you photos fit the style of your brand.

Redo the Old Site

Get Your Website Redone

Speaking of websites, if you’re still using the same theme you designed yourself, it’s time for a new look. Potential clients DO judge your business by your site!

A clean, modern website will work wonders to improve your credibility and start attracting the right clients.

Solicit new testimonials from recent clients. Take the best ones and add them to your sales page, put them in your email newsletters, and include them in your lead-gen materials.

Rewrite Your About Page

The about page has changed a bit in recent years. This one is hard for most people, so it’s a good idea to have someone else write this, or at least have a writer edit and revise.

Remember to include your most recent accomplishments, any awards or accolades, your speaking engagements, etc. Your qualifications say; you're ready to help your clients grow.

This about page should be mostly about your clients, as in what can you do for them? So be careful to frame your story around their story.

Include a few personal details as well, so readers like you and you seem approachable. Include some of your accolades, along with hobbies and personal things.

Lastly, remember to update your social media profiles to fit the branding of your updated online image!

Your information needs to be consistent and professional, whether clients find you on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram or any other social site.

Getting new headshots and making over your website feels like a waste of time. The truth is, people do judge a book by its cover, and you often only have a second or two to make an impression. Make sure it’s the best one you can make.

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LeighAnn Heil