How To Write a Signature Speech


Let’s say you’ve gone to a small conference.

And the keynote-speaker loses their voice.

Someone remembers you are a great livestream speaker. You’re Super confident. People love your lives! So the conference organizer asks you to cover for the keynote speaker!

Suddenly, YOU’RE the keynote. What do you do?

  1. Panic

  2. Run for your hotel room.

  3. Pretend you see a Velociraptor and run screaming, “Clever Girl! Clever Girl!”

  4. Calmly accept and tell them exactly what you’ll be speaking on, deliver your message, and reap the rewards.

If you don’t have a message ready, you’ll miss your opportunity to speak and gain hoards of new, raving fans! So how do you come up with a speech on the spot? You put one in your back pocket.

You keep a speech in reserve. A speech you could give anywhere and anytime; encompassing your main message to the universe.

I know, that’s lots of pressure on one speech.

So you’ll need to start thinking about what you’ll speak on, what type of speech to give, and what you want your audience to feel and do in response. Here’s the first 4 steps to get crystal clear on what to speak about and how to get started with writing your incredible speech!

Start with your Vision

What is your vision?

What do you dream about at night, and where do you see yourself 10-15 years from now?

Where you would like to go with your business?

Do you want to write a book?

What kind of credibility do you need to move your business to the level?

What type of client do you most love to work with?

What do you love about being a coach? An Entrepreneur?

What type of message would you like to be known for?

Are you outgoing or introverted and how does that affect your business?

What do you ultimately see yourself doing? If you’re asked to do a TedTalk, and you have 18 minutes to connect with the world, what is the message burning inside you? Take the answers to those questions and look at the common threads.

How do you feel when you think about the future and your vision?

Align your values

What is most important to you in life? Write down anything and everything (even non-value words like food, colors, flowers, dogs etc.) Whatever pops into your mind. Then ask yourself, what does that food or color bring me? What does that mean? Your hidden value might be a secret yearning for fun, or travel could mean you value adventure.

Maybe you value excellence? Or significance?

Narrow your list down to the top 10 Values

Group and combine words together. Use slashes, Honesty/trust/loyalty, making sure you put the most important words at the beginning. Don’t just choose honesty or respect because you think you should! Choose the values that really speak to your business and what is REALLY important to you.

Do you love moving up and getting better and better? Do you love achievement?

Do you strive to be excellent?

Do you want more freedom or more prestige?

If you choose only the values you “should,” choose—-let’s say you choose honesty as a value..., ask yourself, can I live without honesty or live without achievement?

If you couldn’t ever achieve anything big ever again, but have honesty, is that enough for you? Most people start with the “shoulds’ and never get to the real deal! It’s not that you don’t want honesty, it’s more what you can’t live without! So do you really wish you had respect over love?

No love forever? Just respect? Get to the root value to determine what will align with your overall message! Pick your top three values and write them down.

Pick a topic you love

What do you love speaking about more than anything?

When I played in party bands, one of my favorite songs to play and sing was, “Stand by Me.” Even if I’d sung the song 200 times that year, I loved singing it each gig. So what could you speak on 200 times? What topic lights you up? The topic you love, combined with your values and vision, make the best signature speech.

Of course, this is just the beginning of writing your speech. Most pro speakers have copywriting and messaging help. All of those coaches get help with their breathing and vocal control.

Tony Robbins doesn’t have a naturally smooth voice with perfect breath control and zero throat tension. He had a vocal coach. (It’s the same coach Eminem uses, the same coach Gwen Stefani uses.) They have teams of people getting them onstage in a powerful professional way.

Want to know more about getting onstage?

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