Create Irresistible Content

Give Your Audience Exactly What They are Hankering For

Do You know What Your Audience Wants? What they need? (They want bacon rolls and sex, they need a different mindset and tips on strategy!)

Do you sit at your computer with the cursor blink blinking at you, wondering what random thing you’ll write about today?

If you don’t know what content your audience likes to consume, you’ll forever build courses, blogs and videos no one needs.

Stop. Please. It’s time to find out exactly what to write. Yes, I mean research.


Research is a dirty word in entrepreneur land. Research’ seems scientific. After all, we work with PEOPLE. If you’re not researching what your prospective, ideal, client wants to read, it’s like aiming at a target you can’t see.

The easy way to research is to see what YOU want! You’ve probably bought courses before, what part of that content appealed to you?

After you've listed the type of course or content you like, head over to Jeff Bezos’ behemoth, Amazon, and read reviews for a book in your niche.

How do people feel before and after they read the book? Did the book solve their problems or was it light on content?

Positive reviews have good results. (the reader got exactly what they wanted.) Negative reviews have what the reader wanted but didn't get!

*hint, why not provide the info yourself? Is there more than one bad review? Use the common thread and fulfill the need!

Use the positive and negative reviews to craft a compelling exhaustive post.

Create a folder on your desktop and drop all the research there.

Outline your blog series to cover this topic in depth, include video shorts for YouTube, social media posts and perhaps a checklist opt-in.

Remember on your outline to include the words from the Google search and the Amazon research.

Save everything to your folder.


Now we need to improve on your research.

Dull content is dull. (Thank you, Captain Obvious.)

Infuse your content with you.

If you’re warm and fuzzy, make sure your content feels like a hug and a fluffy puppy. If you’re funny and outgoing, present your content with a disco party

If you’re touchy-feely, let the feels out like Drake. If you run the world, be fierce like Beyonce’.

Be wild and creative, driven, caring, nurturing. Be authentic.

Use emotional words in your content, use stories and examples. Keep technical sections short.

Show your personality and brand. Stand out in the ocean of online content.

Video Visibility

This topic will give your introverted soul the dry-heaves.

I provided a therapy dog for you. Here he his. (Awww!)

Your fluffy, warm, supportive puppy will help you brace for these sobering statistics.

By 2020...We will consume 80% of online content through VIDEO.


Even now, your audience is clamoring for it. Instagram Stories, Facebook lives, YouTubers.

Google search gives you YouTube results before anything else.

YouTube has become a gigantic search engine on its' own. People are searching on YouTube, and they're ready to purchase.

If you feel like you’re invisible in the saturated online market, guess what?


Video is the way you'll stand out.

Start now. Produce more videos consistently. Go live daily.

Begin a YouTube channel and fill it full of your face. (And Content!) 


Content should have a use. A goal. For instance, don't you love getting mail from your credit card company?

Yeah, me either.

I've got a letter yesterday from Citibank. They constantly send letters hounding me to apply for their business credit card.

I usually throw their letters away but for some reason, I opened this one.

Inside the envelope was a big fat check. They’d been overcharging me on interest. I’d paid it off, but they’d charged me anyway.

If they gave me something valuable all the time, you bet I’d open every. Single. Letter. (heads up, Citibank!)

If you’re not giving value each time you post something, your clients and audience stop paying attention, they throw your letter, your email, and your post into the proverbial trash can.

Does all your content point to how you can help your clients?

Does your content constantly ask your audience to ACT?

If not, let’s fix it, now.

Everything you produce=how you help.

All blogs. All videos, all courses. The exception to this is social media, where at least one out of each 4 posts should be something fun reflecting your personality.

*Like funny pet posts, ironic things that happen to you, funny events etc.

Everything else should point back to helping your clients. This is the real help. Empathy. Relatable and valuable content assures them you hear where they are struggling and you care about their success.

If you’re a health coach, don’t post about business tips.

If you’re a sleep specialist, don’t post about yoga unless it’s a piece of your program.

If you’re a business coach, anything about business fits your purpose. A blog on travel or wheatgrass juice doesn’t make sense, even if it’s important to you.

Each piece of content should have a one laser focus. What’s the takeaway for your ideal client?

If it’s not clear to you, it won’t be clear to your client either.

  • ask for feedback, engagement, and replies.

  • develop a relationship with your audience so you’re talking with them.

  • Post on social media, ask a question, give a tip and ask folks to respond.

  • If you send an email, tell them where to go to get even better info!

  • Lead them by the hand and show them exactly what to do next!

  • Anything you post, ask for feedback, engagement, and replies.

  • Your content fosters the relationship with your audience.

  • A relationship has two sides. Don't forget to open the dialogue in both directions!

Pop Your Content

Your content either pops or flops. Sorry, I sound a bit like Jesse Jackson but I couldn’t help myself.

Ever felt like your content is just laying there? Lonely? No one reading, no one noticing. No clicks. No comments.

Yup, me, too.

How do you make your content visible?

Here are three lazy ways to get more engagement and more views.

1. Start thinking about SEO and how to maximize your organic traffic.

Google is constantly improving!

The first algorithm change in 2018 made it easier for Google to read the content in your site, which means you don’t need EXACT keywords.

In other words, if you post how to lose weight, it also indexes you for diets and weight-loss. More details in your post mean Google indexes you higher than the rest of your market.

Longer, detailed posts get rewarded. Less valuable posts get penalized.

2. Use Pinterest.

Pin each blog post and embed the pin with a graphic on your blog. Create a beautiful graphic and put a meta-description within the graphic on your site along with a description on the graphic.

Make sure the graphic is long, place the description near the top.

3. Use YouTube.

Most marketers and businesses don’t produce video content. Your audience wants to consume video...they can’t get enough!

Video is one of the few non-saturated spaces, there are millions of blogs and articles, but even Forbes and Success Magazine and Entrepreneur haven't figure it out; Video is the future.

Get a channel and start producing!

LeighAnn Heil