Find YOUR Ideal Client

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Attracting Your Dream Client

Everyone can benefit from having a coach.

But not everyone will benefit from having YOU as a coach. Nor should you think they will. The fact is, your knowledge, skills, coaching style and experience make you the perfect coach for only a very specific person – sometimes known as your dream (or ideal) client.

Positioning yourself and your coaching program as the perfect solution to his or her problems is what will help you demand a much higher rate than the coach who tries to serve a wider audience. Your clients will value your advice much more – and be more likely to act on it successfully – when they know they are part of a carefully chosen subset of a larger market.

So how do you attract that ideal client? The obvious first step is to find out who he or she is. Ask yourself:

• What is her family situation, is she married?

Does she have children? Does she live in a house or apartment? In the city or in a rural area?

• What is her socio-economic status.

Is she wealthy or working class? From a privileged or more humble background? Does she have a job? Own her own business?

• How old is she?

Is she just out of college? An empty nester? Retiree?

• What are her exact problems. What are YOU uniquely positioned to help her solve?

For example, if you’re a branding expert with a background in jewelry design. You’re the solution for a jewelry maker trying to differentiate herself from the crowd. She wants to know,“How can I stand out in a crowded market and sell more jewelry?”

Once you know the answers to these questions you will know exactly how to reach your ideal client.

You’ll discover:

• Where she hangs out – forums, Facebook and LinkedIn groups, local meetups, and more are all gathering places for like-minded individuals. Chances are if your dream client is spending time in one particular group, there’s others there in need of your particular expertise.

• Where she’s going – Your dream client has goals, and if you can discover them and create a plan to get her there, she’ll be willing to pay your prices!

If you’re just starting out, it can seem daunting to identify your dream client, her needs, and where she spends her time. As you work with more and more people though, you’ll be better able to refine your message – including your email marketing, sales copy, social media outreach, and more – and you will naturally begin to attract exactly who you want to work with.

Use their language.

Are you using her language, selling every single day to her specifically? My coach refers to it as “the soul client.” They are like your soul-mate. Are you attracting them with daily posts on social media? Are you speaking to their fears, their want, their needs?

The trend of pushing pain-points and churning those pain points is almost at an end. People are tired of being sold-to and we are all becoming savvy to the posts of “do you feel this way? I once felt that way, too!” It isn’t working anymore.

Your ideal client is smarter than that. She wants real connection and real empathy. She wants real relationship.

Are you fostering real relationships or are you just posting and hoping?

When you post on social media, particularly in groups, are you giving value? Enticing and provoking? Answering questions? Being yourself?

You should use posts that sound like you so you start making real connections with your clients. The ones that will want and need your help. So they feel like you are speaking to them.

Are you giving helpful information? If you give your prospective ideal dreamy clients a quick win or help them learn something, you are quickly seen as an expert.

Do you ever ask questions or are you never curious about anyone else?

Questions are the perfect way to know exactly what kind of content to write, what kind of courses will sell, and what your clients truly NEED!

What is it that you look for when you’re looking to purchase a program or hire a coach?

I want strategy. I want help.

But I also want to feel a bond of friendship, a feeling that coach really likes me and sincerely wants to help me. I’ve felt like just a dollar sign to some coaches.

They’ve never contacted me again after the coaching was done. It’s almost like I was an afterthought.

The best coaches are connectors. They SEE you, really see you. They know you.

Your clients want the same. They want connection, empathy, relationship and a safe place to be themselves.

They want to be the hero and you get to be the mentor.

Luke Skywalker wouldn’t have gotten far without Yoda.

You’re Yoda.

Unlearn what you have learned.

Let go, make some connections, and your clients will realize you’re the unique renegade who can help them master the Jedi ways.

Or something like that.

LeighAnn Heil