Content Ideas for Livestreams, IGTV, and YouTube

Find better content for your Facebook LIve-streams

Create Better Content for Your Facebook Livestreams

How do you go about creating content for your Livestreams or YouTube channel? I see lots of people searching in groups for the answer. They say they don’t really feel inspired.

Those same people get convetional wisdom advice from the other people in groups, people who also have the same issue and problem with inspiration.

The advice is usually;

Take a walk.


Take another walk.

I don’t have time to take hours of walks each day. I would like to do other things like calls with my clients, writing music, reading and working out. I like spending time in my business, but don’t want to walk all day!

Maybe that sounds like advice you’ve gotten? (Or given?)

Lemme tell you, sister, there’s a better way. Don’t just hope for some type of epiphany.

Hope isn’t a strategy.

So you’ll need to start planning. Here’s the way you use topics to craft engaging videos your clients will actually watch.


Bust a myth niche and bust it wide open! Show how you do things differently and give a strong call to action at the end.

Challenge a belief

Slightly different than the myth. A myth is something made up but a negative belief might be something holding them back from changing for the better. Challenge the belief and tell them why this particular belief might be rooted in fear.

Share a personal story

Share your journey, what you’ve overcome, or what drove you to start your business. You can also share an aha moment when you pivoted in your business, or times you were scared and decided to go for it anyway.

Share a client story

Use testimonials with emotion.

Share an educational video

Give your audience 2-3 concrete pieces of information they can take and implement immediately.

Share a business hacks video (or your niche hacks.)

Who hasn’t watched those life hack videos, where they create cool things with paper clips? You don’t have to be MacGyver, just show something useful for your clients.

Behind the scenes look at your business

Show your space, your city, your neighborhood, and your pets! Everyone loves cat videos and your audience will love seeing your doggie front and center.

A guest live-stream

Find guests with interesting educational topics. Let them go live with you by bringing them on during your live-stream or simply allowing them to go live at a certain time in your group. Promote it as an event!

Feature a new program/sneek peek.

We are all working on something. Got a new 10-day course on money mindset? Want to feature the first chapter in your new book? Give a sneak peek day and have a giveaway!

Mindset help for your niche

Everyone needs more mindset work, overcoming fears in your business. If you have tools you use to help your own mindset, talk about those tools and how to use them.

Share something you’ve learned

Have you attended a great webinar or conference? Read a good book or discovered some new technique? If not, you should! Reveal your awesome knowledge!

Next steps, where to go from here

Where should your clients look to for their next steps? Do you have additional training or courses to offer? What other ways can you help them? What should they do when they conquer this particular topic?

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LeighAnn Heil