Get Expert Leveled-Up; How To Uplevel Your Credibility and Position Yourself as A High-Dollar Entrepreneur.

It's time to Stand-up in a big way

I'm on about a gazillion email lists, and recently got an invite to listen to a podcast of one of my favorite bloggers; Lauren Hooker of Elle & Company. Of course, the podcast was excellent as usual, but it struck me how clear and precise the audio sounded.

Some of you know, I'm a pro-musician and I've got plenty of sound experience. I saved for over a year to buy the highest-end sound system (hello, Bose! $$$$) and microphone for my musician business. I'm pretty hyper critical of audio stuff anyway, but Lauren's podcast is beyond the pale of excellence.

Besides her sweet, warm an knowledgable demeanor, the audio was SO clear. I liked her even more after I heard the podcast. Later, I realized she uses a condenser mic set-up with a stand, like a recording studio or a radio-station.

She's decided this quality makes or breaks her brand and podcast. And after I discovered her penchant for fine-audio, I listen to her podcast every week. She cares enough about her audience to treat them to high quality sound, and made herself even more credible in the process.

When you're selling high-ticket packages, you have to become THE expert in your niche. And quality trumps quantity every time. Even if you're working towards that goal, you may not know exactly how to credibly position yourself online. That changes now! Here's a list of ways to up your credibility; allowing your audience to see you as the expert, the go-to, and the guru!

Conquer Content.

You must create content to grow your audience and your credibility. Start building your empire with blog posts, podcasts, ebooks, and self-paced training programs, both free and paid. You must work to build a solid foundation before you can charge top-dollar prices.

Get on Video.

I know you need a therapy dog before I say this. (Especially if you're an introvert!) You must start creating video, and you must start now.

By 2020, almost 80% of all content on the internet will be consumed in the form of video. Everyone wants more video. Everyone. Your clients are currently clamboring for more video!

I told you you'd likely need a therapy dog. So get one and get over yourself.

I know, I know, you hate the sound of your voice and your hair is too fat or too thin. You don't like the way your eyebrows are and the lighting in your house or apartment, sucks.

But video is the future. And frankly, the blogging space is crowded. Guess what isn't crowded? YouTube. And believe it or not, longer videos are even better than shorter ones.

Your potential clients want to know you better and they aren't going to fork over $5k for your next group-coaching program until you get out there on video. You can't always meet with folks in person. A talking, live version of YOU on their phones and computers is the next best thing.

Don't like how you look? Get a makeover. Hire a coach to fix the issues. Get better lighting. Start doing Facebook Lives and get a YouTube channel. You'll be on fleek in 2020, and you'll have been on video before most of your market realizes the world passed them by.

Write a Book.

The big daddy of content, a real, physical book skyrockets your credibility and paves the way for the rest of your coaching career. I'm not talking about Kindle books here (although they do have their place in your overall content plans). No, for this, you'll want to publish a printed book—and attracting the attention of a publishing house rather than going the self-publishing route can give you even more credibility.

Speaking At Events.

Nothing says “I’m an expert” quite like getting to take to the stage and speak in front of a group. Chances are your expert status has already attracted the attention of event organizers and you’ve been asked to speak. If you've ever turned down the opportunity, now is the time to boost up your confidence and make the leap. Go out and actively seek opportunities that are a good fit. Don’t be afraid to start small—at your local Chamber of Commerce or a recurring MeetUp group—but keep an eye on the big stage, too, and be open for the chance to wow a crowd with your expertise.

Host a Live Event.

Want to really blow your audience away with your coaching and business skills? Plan and host a live event. It doesn’t have to be huge—in fact a small, intimate venue is often the best choice—but do start making plans. Live event hosts are often viewed as the real movers and shakers in their industries (because they are).

Start a podcast.

Most great coaches offer podcasts. You can start offering big-value to your own tribe and gain new followers by inviting guests with relevent topics. Remember, a podcast is about your guest's work and how it can benefit your tribe. It's a great way to network, and actually, it helps to book slots in your next live event. Have a great guest? Ask them to speak at your event. Offer to BE a guest on the podcast as well as offering slots to others. Give it away and it will come back around.

Remember, too, no matter which credibility-boosting method you’re using, it will only work if people know about it. So don’t just start a podcast, market it. Don’t step onto a stage of any size without shouting about it to the rooftops, and never ever write a book without a big launch. Credibility and visibility go hand in hand, so do everything you can to get the word out about your achievements.

LeighAnn Heil