Attract High End Clients Easily

Attract more High-End Clients

Attract your ideal clients easily

I had a bandmate who sold real estate. (This was back during my days in party bands, those bands didn’t pay much, so we all had other day jobs.)

She always baked cookies right before an open house. She made snickerdoodles with cinnamon and sometimes chocolate chip cookies.

Clients entered a cookie-baking-scented home. Everyone immediately said, “oh what’s that delicious smell?” My friend had 4-5 offers on the house the first day.

She sold a ton of homes!

The cookie technique worked because it hit on the satisfaction center of their brains. It’s a strange science, but cookie smells made people feel homey. They bought into the feeling; then they bought the house!

Notice the change in advertising language about houses? What used to be “buy a house,” is now, “buy a home.”

A house is something to buy.

"Making a home," is priceless.

Buying a house is hard and expensive.

Housing prices have increased 400% since 1979.

Smart realtors sell homes because a home is a place to belong.

Home, sweet home. It’s good to be back home again.

As an online entrepreneur, you’re always selling something. Deep down, you know your clients aren’t buying a product, they’re buying an emotion. Satisfaction. Security.

So if you’re chasing clients constantly, perhaps it’s time to get out the cookie dough and tempt them to come to you.

Take action on your dreams

First, you have to believe in what you’re doing! Every super--successful business icon took risks and had faith in their mission. They made sacrifices. Their families and friends disapproved. It was bloomin hard!

Before you can help a single client, take action on your own dream and follow it!

You may get results following coaching formulas, (organizations like ICF and IAC) but you’ll get DYNAMIC results infusing your particular style and insights.

Your businesses’ heart is a diamond; it’s about you. You’re the snickerdoodle! You have the right stuff! You have something unique to offer, the secret sauce of helping people!

It’s the hot fudge sundae, the creme brulee, and the sticky toffee pudding. It’s the mouthwatering entree and the delicious cocktail. Build your business around your passion and your clients will find you.

I didn’t say “sit back, kick your shoes off and your ideal client will flock to you!.” If you want to create the sort of coaching business attracting high-paying clients, you have to combine your authentic self with savvy content and getting visible.

You’ll need to get noticed; get out there and move-and-shake your niche!

So stop chasing the wrong people and start using the right language. Just add a little dash of visibility marketing, include your passion and share a heaping spoon of help. You’ll attract clients who want to spend money and get results.


Branding isn’t mysterious. Branding is perception. Your brand is your specialty, your credibility, your personality, and consistency is the key. Branding is really about emotions. Not your feelings, your clients’ emotions.

What do your clients think of, when they…

See your photo?

Hear or read your name?

See your logo?

See the colors and graphic elements associated with your website and products?

See your name/coaching title in their email Subject Line?

See a product or new blog post announcement?

• What emotion do they feel?






• What words naturally recur, when people describe you or compliment you?









Don’t just skim through the previous lists: Stop and really think about how people react to you:

• On social networks

• In blog comments

• In the forums you run/belong to

• As email feedback

Are your online interactions trite and sterile, or do fans and followers use specific descriptors and give real feedback?

Ask yourself,

“What do my clients really want and need from me?”

When you find out what they want, use their language and give it to them!

Also, be generous! Give back. Become known for your specialty. Make your clients immediately think of YOU when they need advice!


You’ll need a professional-looking website. Your website sets you up as a credible coach or creative and drives the right type of potential clients (and purchasers for your products) to your online door.

On the flip-side, a high-end site also filters out clients who can’t afford you.

You will need to decide on your specific;

• Web hosting company

• Domain registrar

• Web address (domain URL)

• Content management system

For example, if you have chosen to use WordPress, make sure the web hosting company has necessary criteria: MySQL database, PHP and either Fantastico de Luxe or Simple Scripts as the setup vehicle for WordPress in your website Control Panel. (Also, get access to your control panel!)

Squarespace is another option for sites without the WordPress-coding- learning curve. If you decide not to hire a website designer, Squarespace can be an excellent option for drag and drop designing. It’s easy to set up and has excellent security, a marketing email plan, G-suite your domain email options and online commerce.

I’ve used Squarespace for several years, for my bands and businesses. When you purchase a domain with Squarespace, you can get a percentage of the website cost for the year.

Website Branding Elements

Make sure you have a great logo, mission statement and tagline or slogan (even if you only end up using one out of the three in your header or on your homepage). Include your keywords in your website title, tagline or summary/description too.

Pre-qualify (and disqualified) clients right on your homepage with links that lead to information about exactly who you serve.

The result: A home page that lets people know its central mission—and is explicitly geared to please the right potential clients and send ones not ideally suited elsewhere.

Be specific about your services—and keep your home page focused on one goal, to get the right potential clients to put themselves on your mailing list.

Remember, “There’s nothing new under the sun!” (Direct quote from King Solomon from Ecclesiastes, He predates Brene Brown.) Most shows you see on Netflix are a reworking of another story from some author in history.

Be different. Be provocative. Be the best you, original, unique and enticing.

Think about your clients as your soul mates. You act differently when you meet your soul mate, right? You present the very best of yourself but you also want to be authentic.

LeighAnn Heil