5 Ways to Get Noticed in an Oversaturated Market


Noise is a problem. Noise saturation is a bigger problem. Seems like everywhere you go, they're playing music or the TV. I went to the doctor the other day, the TV was blaring turned up to eleven, and the receptionist was also listening to her radio.

I asked her, "Hey, can I turn the TV down?" She didn't answer, just looked at me funny and wrinkled her nose.

(I took her wrinkling nose as a, 'yes,' and muted it.)

I often carried cotton balls around in my pocket for gigs, especially when the drummer insisted on playing LOUD for a stadium when we were really playing in a restaurant.. Wearing earplugs prevented me from hearing the band, but the cotton prevented me from losing my hearing. (My hearing is still excellent, even after 20 years in bands.)

Online is a noisy place.

There are millions of pieces of content and billions of social media posts.

Everything is starting to look the same.

The opt-ins are similar. The courses are fluffy. And your clients have pretty much had it with all of the noise, noise, noise, noise.

You think you're hustling for clients by making more opt-ins and sharing more Insta-stories.

Except you're not exactly making money. You feel like you don't have two nickels to rub together.

In fact we don't need to call the police and the fireman; you're not hot or retiring a dragon anytime soon.

So how do you get noticed in the weird and crazy online space? It isn't all the tricks, more followers, or better SEO. It isn't the content you create, although you need content to be relevant.

There are 5 secret ways to stand out in the noisy, saturated space. The best marketing campaigns already use these tactics.

You have an advantage because you get to interact with your clients! Try these 5 things so your ideal client can find you!

1. Be yourself and do things differently.

You don't have to have an email list to make a fortune. You don't have to be so energized you're bouncing off the wall. Plenty of people are already hopping like a trampoline park.

I don't sign up for challenges requiring dance parties. I love IN PERSON dance parties. Are you headed to the club? Great, lemme get my shoes on, and we'll close them down. But I don't dance around in my living room just because other people are doing it.

What I do is get down to business. I'm great and inspiring people and giving them space and grace to make changes. I'm good at spotting the brilliance in a person who might be doubting themselves. I create content like a mutha, and love, love, love giving. I do lives without fluff and checklists with real, actionable steps. I hold people accountable, and I'm crazy visible.

My clients and audience know they can trust me and I won't ever be the sleazy seller.

You have to identify what makes you great. If you're an introvert, speak softly and have tea while you chat with your followers, give them space and push them slightly with nurturing love. If you're an extrovert and bouncy, be extroverted. Be bohemian. Own your relaxed lifestyle or own your fancy dresses.

2. Be empathetic.

Empathize with your client. Put yourself in their shoes. What do they need right now? What kind of content is going to help them? Don't just create something because you like it, build it because it helps them Be their guide and mentor. Discover their wants and not just their needs. Make your ideal clients realize; you support them, and they are safe around you!

3. Use stories.

We connect with stories. Stories are the human connection. Who isn't rooting for Luke to defeat Darth Vader? Who doesn't appreciate Bogie in Casablanca as he sacrifices his happiness for the girl he loves?

We love stories.

And emotions and stories connect better than 'another five ways to market your new launch.'

Stories are sticky; they work their way into our long term memory.

You know Tommy use to work on the dock and the union's been on strike, so he's down on his luck. You feel for Tommy and Gina, (but they'll make it, I swear.)

Google and Apple are brilliant at telling stories with NO words at all. Google does it by showing a search sentence on a commercial and finding a situation story to go with it. Apple doesn't have any words on their commercials. But when Fiest told us to buy "1,2,3,4," Apple products, we bought ten. (X)

Tell your story. Tell your clients' story. Weave them together and make the stories stick.

4. Be relational.

Lady Gaga wasn't a household name, but she was weird. She wore meat suits to award shows and even arrived in a giant egg for the Grammy awards. She had a good voice, but her crazy marketing stunts put me off.

Then I started reading some of her posts on Twitter. She called her fans, "little monsters," and those monsters multiplied like crazy. She opened herself up and connected. Her fans felt included; if you were different or didn't fit in, she loved you.

She tries to be relational and real and friendly. Now she has an Oscar and a Grammy. (We’re not worthy.)

Apple isn't friending your clients on social media. They aren't commenting on their posts or crowing about their customers' results.

But YOU ARE. You can be up close and personal with your clients. You can create strong emotional bonds and gain beautiful friendships.

5. Be Relevant

I scroll past about fifty posts per day, basically saying the same thing. "I was in a 9-5, I knew I wanted more, I quit my 9-5, I doubted myself, I failed, then I succeeded. Look at me."

Those posts work better in your own group with your own tribe. Not as the first post you see. If I don't know you, my eyes glaze over as soon as you start your story.

Stories cement relationships, introductions start relationships.

If you went on a first date, would you reveal your entire life story to your companion in the first 5 minutes? I hope not! If you tell everything, they won't ever call you again!

Instead, you'll ask questions and get to know your friend. You'll find out what they're like. You'll see if you like being with each other.

Relevance means knowing what your clients want at each stage of the relationship. Do they want questions in your Facebook group or motivation? Do they need a checklist and a video to help make sense of the steps?

And in other groups, post many questions before revealing a story. Let them see you. Put yourself in their path many times by engaging their brains. Once they see you 5, 7 or 10 times, try your story post again. Now they know you and are interested in your background!

Relevance means relevant content, relevant posts, relevant discovery calls. If you don't know what your client truly needs, find out! Do market research. Do interviews. Ask.

If your market is indeed saturated, rise above the fluff and offer real relationships and connections. You’ll have instant connections with clients and you'll cut through the noise.

And if the TV is blaring and you're the only one in the waiting area, I give you permission to turn that sucker down.

You're welcome.

Used by Permission from LeighAnn’s Post in Morning Marjorlaine, online magazine. 

LeighAnn Heil