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LeighAnn started speaking at a young age to women’s groups for college scholarships and has continued on-stage performances and addresses for over 25 years.

While she is a wonderful onstage presenter, she is also a published author, published songwriter and certified coach, with business and life coaching credentials from Yale, Northwestern, and UCLA.

Her mission is to empower entrepreneurs to go big in their business through live-speaking events.

LeighAnn’s inspirational speeches give practical, motivational techniques on how to conquer anything in life by conquering your fears of the public stage.

As an international business and life coach, Billboard-charting Pro-musician, Internationally acclaimed songwriter, Stage Director, and public speaker, LeighAnn has appeared on the live-stage over 800 times.

LeighAnn has been featured on Billboard Top 100 Charts, CBS News, ABC News, Fox News, NBC News, Travel Fashion Girl Online Blog, Itunes, Spotify, Amazon Music, Bordeaux Wine Council in Bordeaux, France, Mr and Mrs. Music Publishing in London, The World’s Fair International Pavillion in Spain, Elizabethan Review, and Morning Marjorlaine Magazine.

LeighAnn also worked with Emmy and Grammy (Gold and Platinum Records,) award-winning producers and professional writers,  including the Senior Editor of Success Magazine and the Content Creator of the Onion.

LeighAnn’s Signature Difference

LeighAnn’s boundless exuberance is best used in a setting primed for growth.

She is an inspirational leader who will motivate your corporate or community group to unprecedented heights. LeighAnn will customize her talk based on the needs of your audience, employees, or community.

LeighAnn’s bold teaching infuses your audience to stretch for their largest goals and achieve greatness. Drawing from her own life-changing experiences, her program uses an empowering process encouraging audiences to;  

  • Recognize their own power and brilliance.

  • Embrace change and overcome fears.

  • Realize their own capacity for greatness.

  • Reach for new heights by using challenges as a springboard for excellence

  • Refute their self-limiting beliefs and replace with positivity.

  • Boost their confidence by realizing they have an untapped- genius within.

  • Cultivate an attitude of gratitude.

  • Appreciate their gifts and aspire to use those gifts to change the world.

By focusing on the possible, we change our life, work, and relationship trajectory; ultimately creating the life of our wildest dreams.


Taking Big chances for Big Rewards  

In this speech, LeighAnn takes the audience through the path to richer opportunities, empowering them to say “yes,” to chances instead of retreating. Many live their lives safely and never take big chances.

She guides the listener through her own successful music career, then asks the audience to think on examples in their own life; how embracing change and saying yes led to huge gains in their business, relationships, or personal achievements.

She often leads this speech with the title of, Try, Awesome! It could be you!

Overcoming Adversity With Belief

In this talk, LeighAnn draws a direct correlation with belief and success. No matter the amount of adversity, belief is the key to brilliant successes in life.

This simple strategic talk leads the listener through any struggles they might have due to their background or situation and gives them to tools to believe in themselves, even when the odds are stacked against them.

By embracing adversity as a vehicle to success, the audience discovers strength is formed through struggles, and they can accomplish anything through belief.

Reinvention and New Beginnings

People avoid change, yet we all long for reinvention. We all long for the next big thing, the next big opportunity, perhaps learning something brand new.

In this talk, LeighAnn discusses how we are all capable of reinvention and the strategies to new beginnings in work, relationships, and life. She touches on how the we can learn to embrace change, and how new beginnings keep us on an upward track toward our dreams.










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